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Get the right help to move forward in your recovery.

If you've had a stroke, help is available – even if it’s been a year or more since your stroke. You may have a care team made up of your family doctor, stroke neurologist, and/or an occupational therapist. Did you know? There are specially trained stroke rehabilitation physicians who know how to treat people dealing with the effects of stroke.

The first step is to talk to your healthcare professional, usually your family doctor, to get a referral. You can then find a stroke rehabilitation specialist near you, and book an appointment.

How to ask your healthcare professional for a referral

It's natural to feel a bit nervous about asking for a referral from your doctor. However, most doctors will be pleased that you and/or your caregiver are taking an active role in your health and will be willing to discuss your concerns and request for additional help.

Make sure you are clear on what it is you want from the referral and to whom you would like to be referred. For example: if you want to improve your mobility and spasticity symptoms, and are interested in seeing a specialist to discuss treatment options, you or your caregiver may want to write this down in advance of your appointment, and bring it with you.

Start the conversation with your healthcare professional

A great way to start the conversation is to share your symptoms and challenges. The post-stroke assessment walks you through a series of questions to see if your physical challenges may be related to spasticity. You can share your results with your doctor and determine if a referral to a stroke rehabilitation specialist is appropriate.

Post-Stroke Assessment

Find a Stroke
Rehabilitation Specialist

Remember: You first need a referral from your family doctor. View More Search Options