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How are the physical challenges
of stroke affecting you?

If you’ve had a stroke, or are caring for someone who has, it can feel daunting to face the challenges that lie ahead. Know that you’re not alone: stroke affects thousands of patients, partners, family members, and friends. Also know that there is support available to help you manage the challenges you may face.

Stroke by the numbers:

Beyond Stroke was created to help you understand and deal with the physical challenges of stroke. You’ll find helpful information and support on:

  • What physical challenges you may face
  • How physical challenges may be treated
  • How Stroke Rehabilitation Physicians can help, and how to find one
  • How to support a loved one who has had a stroke
  • How to get additional help

Managing the effects of stroke isn’t easy. But, maintaining a positive outlook, being actively involved in your or your loved one’s treatment, and asking for help when you need it, are key to living life to the best of your ability.


Physical Challenges of Stroke

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