Approximately 315,000 Canadians are living with the effects of stroke.

As you have probably already learned, the challenges you face after having a stroke change over time. What concerned you immediately after your stroke may no longer concern you now. Instead, something else may have become your focus.

Beyond Stroke was created to help you better understand the physical challenges many people face after they have had a stroke – not immediately after, when support tends to be the greatest, but weeks, months, and even years after a stroke has occurred. Beyond Stroke offers advice and reassurance as to how best to deal with long-term physical challenges associated with stroke. Here you will find information on:

  • What may be causing the physical challenges after a stroke
  • How physical challenges might be treated
  • How Stroke Rehabilitation Physicians can help
  • How you can get the additional help you need

Remember the most important person in recovery after a stroke is you. Maintaining a positive outlook, being actively involved in treatment decisions, staying on top of therapy, and knowing when and whom to ask for help are all important to help ensure you continue to live life to the best of your ability.

Find the right help

There are physicians who have expertise in helping people deal with the physical challenges after a stroke. Find a Stroke Rehabilitation Physician in your area using the Stroke Rehabilitation Physician locator and ask your family doctor for a referral.

Not sure how to go about asking for a referral?

Use the Asking Your Doctor for a Referral tool to help get the conversation started.


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